August 20, 2020

February 18, 2017

Bike in a Medieval Town

Since I remember I've been fascinated with History, trying to understand how people have lived in the old times. Many times I think how could I have turned out if I were born in a certain (different) era in history..

Cetatea Rasnov is one of my very favorite (medieval) places... I've been there many many times and every time I discover something new in that little "town" with old walls and tiny and hilly streets.
The last time I went there - last summer - I found the place a little busier with a lot more tourists (bitter sweet surprise) but also a lot more "developed": more souvenir stores, some more rustic, some more "chic". And... of course ... I could not walk by without stopping to take a picture of the chic bike against that old medieval wall I liked so much...


California fun

Sun, salty ocean air, tons of fun things to do... That's CA. That and the fun looking cars that are the image of the free Californian spirit and people that know how to live life..

Sometimes I think about would I could have been or done if I were born or at least been part of the CA culture earlier on in my life ... All this crazy East Coast stress and the "I don't have time to even breath" - would these still define me?
I would have probably been the most stressed Californian...


Cali Way

Last November I visited San Diego for the first time... Though so many times before I went over and over in my head "Hmmm... I don't think I'd ever move out of Boston", during any of those 10 days in San Diego my brain was (silently) singing a different tune... More like... "Wow.. is this place for real? Does this really exist? I wish I lived here...".

Nice ocean breeze, nice long beaches with amazing sand and waves, amazing views, amazing food, amazing weather... So... Yes... I am in love with the magical San Diego!


February 17, 2017


Or... On a day when we saw the sun again beyond the highest forts of snow.. On a day when I dared to hope that spring is still a possibility and that ... maybe.. just maybe.. we'll survive this long and abundant winter...
Spring is my very favorite time of the year. I can't wait for that energy that melting snow, freshly new green grass, amazing flowers and flourly smells give me..
I come to live every spring


September 24, 2014

Waiting for the Rain

Martha's Vineyard, May 2014.
First trip of the season.


April 1, 2014

February 5, 2014

January 24, 2014


Out of my love for negative space.
I could not pass this opportunity of taking a picture of a leaf and all that negative space, especially  this was just outside of my window. Literally. They say opportunities knock... Well.. they do sometimes...


January 22, 2014

Great Lake of Ice

Walking along the banks of one of the Great Lakes, I came across this spot where cubes of broken ice were floting. Scary and exciting at the same time. It was probably the first time when I saw blocks of ice on a lake as large as a sea. The saltiness does make a difference... Seas and oceans are my favorites, but lakes can be so interesting, too!


January 21, 2014

Foggy City

My very first day of my very first time in Chicago was foggy and somehow cold. You might think that is a killer for pictures. But I though that foggy evening was just perfect and the fog added personality. Must love that negative space in a picture of a crazy busy windy city.


January 20, 2014

Memories of Snow

I am rarely impressed (or I'm rarely willingly to admit it)... but that day was really special.
I don't like to be cold! I don't like to deal with snow in the city! I don't like all the yuckiness it creates. And... even so, that was one of the most beautiful days for me. I liked the fluffiness of the snow, the feeling that I turned into a kid again.. the whiteness.. the untouched (almost) snow on the path by the river.. The silence of it... It was... well... magical!


January 18, 2014

Christmas Cookies

The big flurry snowflakes today made me feel like Christmas again... And what better way to celebrate that than going back to the pictures I took during a wonderful Christmas in Chicago. The Christmas when I felt like a kid again! And what a wonderful feeling that is to have as an adult!


The Unexpected Snow

I do not really follow the weather forecast. So it is not surprising that I am usually surprised by the weather.
These past days , the weather has been nice(r) and warm(er). It made me feel like the winter was over (ha.. I wish.. it is just mid-Jan) and that the spring was down the corner. But.. not so soon...
Big white flurry snow flakes... Dressed up trees... Fluffy everything.. Ok.. Fine.. I can take this.. For a day or two.


January 12, 2014

The Power of Leading Yellow

Sometimes things you want so much come to you when you forget you wanted them.

Years ago, I was submitting pictures to the monthly photo contests. I was anxiously waiting to see the winner. But then, in time, I stopped checking. I was still submitting, but not checking anymore.
Until one day I receive a gift card from Because I won 3rd place in one of their .. well.. yes.. photo contests.

This is the picture...

And this is what they said:
"The power of leading yellow"
Photo by Iulia of Newton
"I certainly hope this wasn’t a tunnel in active use; it’s not worth getting run over for a picture! Graphically, this is striking. The symmetry of this photo – the straight lines on the bottom offset with the yellow lights at the top and the yellow walls -- is what made this photo a winner for me"


December 25, 2013

Reflections of a City

That's how I saw the city... Black and white, with some kind of old time charm like the BW old movies that I like so much. And that's exactly what I was looking for.


December 23, 2013

Bean Reflections

It finally happened!
I planned on visiting Chicago several times in the last 4-5 years... But it never happened. Until this past Friday when on a grey, cloudy and foggy day.. here I was.
I went around the city and neither the cold temps or the chilly rain could stop me. A hot chocolate at the Germen Market downtown, a hot and super yummy burrito and lots of excitement from finally being here gave me the energy to walk.. and walk... And take my camera out with frozen hands. And happy I did. More pictures to come...


December 15, 2013

Taking a Break, Enjoying the View

Venice beach, LA. Such an iconic picture for Venice and for my trip there last spring. One of the days where I forgot about everything... all worries... all the stress... Just lived in the moment. As everybody else there


December 5, 2013

Sailing in BW

I took this picture while driving up to Maine. Large curve and then.. boom... there it was... Perfect view, after rain and right before sunset.


December 2, 2013


Photography books say that odd works best... Sometime I like to disagree... These 2 just worked for me. At Nashoba, where the wine and apples are kings and queens, I voted for these 2 little guys. They were outside in the cold, all wet and shivery. But they will always look fresh and special for me. 


December 1, 2013

Barns of New York 2

Another one of the barns I photographed during my Bday celebration trip Upstate New York. End of September. It seems to be so out of time... Timeless


November 30, 2013

Barns of Upstate New York

I've always wanted to take pictures of the barns in upstate New York. I've always dreamed about taking a weekend off just to drive around on dirt roads Upstate.
And here was my opportunity... I was planning on celebrating my Bday in Montreal this year... But somehow I ended up in Plattsburg, New York instead. And it was one of the nicest weekends.. Foliage drives, waterfalls.. and barns. All I've ever wanted for a Bday celebration.

November 24, 2013

Magic of the Falls

Flume Falls... One of "The Three" attractions in upstate New York. Close to Lake Placid and Plattsburg.


November 21, 2013

Classical Boston

Sun and sailing boats on the Charles River.