January 12, 2014

The Power of Leading Yellow

Sometimes things you want so much come to you when you forget you wanted them.

Years ago, I was submitting pictures to the boston.com monthly photo contests. I was anxiously waiting to see the winner. But then, in time, I stopped checking. I was still submitting, but not checking anymore.
Until one day I receive a gift card from boston.com. Because I won 3rd place in one of their .. well.. yes.. photo contests.

This is the picture...

And this is what they said:
"The power of leading yellow"
Photo by Iulia of Newton
"I certainly hope this wasn’t a tunnel in active use; it’s not worth getting run over for a picture! Graphically, this is striking. The symmetry of this photo – the straight lines on the bottom offset with the yellow lights at the top and the yellow walls -- is what made this photo a winner for me"



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